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Technology powering people with real data in real-time. Our solutions bring you visibility, results & efficiency on demand in real-time. Customizable user interfaces and dashboards for Airlines, Hotels, Transportation Vendors, Crew Members and more. Bringing each department relevant information and real data to simplify their needs.

Smart technology

Smart people

Creating a winning combination to ensure you see results! Combining old school business ethics & proven leading customer support teams, with cutting edge tehcnology helps us esnure we have you and your professional travelers covered. Anytime & Anywhere.

API's & connectivity

DirectConnect to over 800,000+ Hotels & Resorts

DirectConnect to All Major GDS providers

DirectConnect to major Hotel CRS & PRS Interfaces

DirectConnect to 34+ Rental Car Providers

DirectConnect to 475+ Ground Transportation Providers

DirectConnect  to 25,000+ Homes, Rentals, Timeshares & Executive Housing Units

DirectConnect  to 361+ Wholesale Suppliers & Consolidators

DirectConnect  to all major Channel Manager Providers

DirectConnect to Xclusive Global Hotel Program 400,000 Hotels

DirectConnect  to All Platforms including Hotel & Transport Intranets & Extranets

DirectConnect  to over 900+ Airlines including 269 LCC's

DirectConnect  to 18+ Cruiselines

And the list goes on......!

Some of Our Industry              Integrations to 

      Airline & Wokforce Platforms

Sabre We Developed  the proprietary  Interfaces to Sabres Airlines CMS, as well as the Sabre One-Way & Two Way Interfaces






8+ Homegrown Systems

Multiple Manpower Planning Systems

30+ Expense, Finance & Reporting Systems

And many others

What does all this mean anyways?

Simple, we can provide you with real-time booking management, real-time visibility & real-time results!

Who are we?


TLX is a company specializing in the provision of travel technology and related travel services. The company was formed to solve the challenges airlines face in managing the complexities of Airline, Workforce and other related industry layovers.


Today, TLX is a leading technology & support services provider servicing but not limited to: Scheduled Crew, IROP Crew, Distressed Passengers, Corporate Travelers, Meeting & Events, Employee Leisure and all  related layover & travel needs.

Our Story

Our Vision is simple!


Continue to provide the successful combination of cutting edge technology coupled with industry leading support. We strive in our business on being proactive versus reactive.


We develop technology that today manages over 97.3% of transactions in real-time with no human interaction, however this was developed not to wholly replace human interaction, rather utilize the technology automation to maximize results and make both interactions, Human or technology, equally successful in its results. This winning combination provides proven results and enhanced global business & department efficiency’s for all parties.

Our Vision

So what is all this technology?

The TLX solutions are powered by CrewRez®, CrewConnect®, PNRRez® & TLXConnect®. Each respective platform is proprietary to TLX and developed to manage complex business rules and customers’ needs in relation to hotel, ground transportation and other related travel needs.


Our solutions unlike others are not "out the box products", nor built by different outsourced entities. The solutions offered are highly customizable as no airline or business is the same, and bring state of the art automation coupled with proprietary business analysis, data analytics and reporting tools. Our technology is offered as Fully managed solutions, Licensed platform offerings or SaaS models.


Tel: +1 480 609 8888

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